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Material and Production

Material selection
· Melting types
· Primary hardener
· Secondary hardener


Heat treatment
· Classical
· Inductive

Mechanical production
· Machinery


Video presentation


Motivated by a constant drive to improve the performance of cold rolls, we work relentlessly to develop new materials. Hand-in-hand with this, we further optimise our heat treatment processes.
In parallel, in cooperation with top re-search institutes, we continuously push the development and application of new inspection methods.

Residual stress measurement in use at Steinhoff since 1992
Residual stress impacts the quality and service life of cold rolls.
In particular, the uniform distribution of the stresses over the barrel surfaces is critical.



Ultrasonic measurement
We are further developing an ultrasound based residual stress measurement technique.
This exploits the fact that the residual stresses change the crystal lattice parameters and thus the transit time of ultrasonic waves.

Continuous retained austenite determination as part of quality assurance
Higher retained austenite content can result in the austenite transforming into martensite under both mechanical and thermally induced operating stresses. This leads to brittleness of the material and thus to reduced roll service life.


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