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Material and Production

Material selection
· Melting types
· Primary hardener
· Secondary hardener


Heat treatment
· Classical
· Inductive

Mechanical production
· Machinery


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Mechanical production

The high standards which we impose on ourselves in heat treatment apply equally to machining.
Our drive for precision means that we are continuously pushing the limits of machining technology.

We expect to be measured on our precision

  • Guaranteed concentricity to 1 µm
  • Position tolerances journal-barrel-journal to 3 µm
  • Roll pairs matched to within 20 µm

  Mechanische Fertigung


  • Conical grinding
  • Vibration monitoring during grinding
  • Integrated eddy current inspection
  • Automatic ultrasonic inspection
  • Manufacture of all drive geometries

  Mechanische Fertigung

Ongoing investment in state-of-the-art machines is a precondition of continuous productivity improvement. We also know that even the best machine can only realise its full potential in the hands of highly skilled operators.

  • In house apprentice training workshop for over 50 years
  • Continuous training and development of all employees
  • Heightened quality responsibility through self-inspection by operators
  • Team work

  Mechanische Fertigung

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