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Material and Production

Material selection
· Melting types
· Primary hardener
· Secondary hardener


Heat treatment
· Classical
· Inductive

Mechanical production
· Machinery


Video: blanks
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The quality of the roll is strongly influenced by the quality of the melting and forging processes. We work closely together with specialised partners who melt and forge steel to our specifications.

Stable supply of blanks

  • Long term partnerships with internationally acknowledged steel manufacturers
  • Forged blanks are procured to our patented material analyses
  • Blanks are individually manufactured for specific customer orders

Advantages of focussing on our Core Competencies


Our strategy of having a steel manu-facturer make the steel and focussing on our roll manufacture has proven itself many times. In the interests of our customers, we will maintain this strategy in the future.

  • Expansion of the range of materials on offer
  • Taking advantage of the know-how of specialised steel manufacturers
  • Use of state-of-the-art forging technology
  • Taking advantage of regional market opportunities with steel manufacturers
  • Fast access to new technological developments

Securing the quality of blanks

  • Strict requirements defined in the Steinhoff specifications
  • Regular supplier audits
  • 100% ultrasonic inspection
  • Skip lot metallographic inspection of the material microstructure


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