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Material and Production

Material selection
· Melting types
· Primary hardener
· Secondary hardener


Heat treatment
· Classical
· Inductive

Mechanical production
· Machinery


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Video: tempering
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Heat treatment

In the heat treatment of cold rolls, we use both classical hardening and progressive induction hardening.
It is for good reason that Steinhoff focussed its development on the classical hardening process with bored blanks.
Advantages of conventional hardening

  • Uniform residual stress distribution
  • Low percentage of retained austenite and high proportion of undissolved carbide through optimum austenitising temperature
  • Even hardness over the entire length of the barrel
  • Good reproduciblity through computer-controlled temperature management
  • Homogeneous microstructure

Philosophy of the stationary roll
Continuous research and development combined with a wealth of experience has led Steinhoff to build specialised roll hardening furnaces which are unique in the world.
These furnaces have been developed at Steinhoff and are controlled by state-of-the-art computer systems. The key feature is the stationary roll, i.e. the heating and quenching units are mobile, while the roll remains in a fixed position.

Advantages of Steinhoff hardening
  • Minimal time interval between the end of heating and the start of quenching. No superheating is needed to compensate for temperature loss during roll transfer.
  • Optimum microstructures with the maximum achievable hardness



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